April 28, 2013


Training ArticlesTraining Articles

  • Learn the latest techniques for better workouts in less time!
  • The right exercises make the difference in seeing your body change!
  • Get in shape and stay in shape!

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Motivation ArticlesMotivation Articles

  • Stay on Track!
  • Keep your mind and body motivated!
  • Reduce stress and increase well being!

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Nutrition ArticlesNutrition Articles

  • Eat more to lose weight!
  • What you think you know about dieting is all wrong!
  • Real solutions for real people!

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Weight Loss ArticlesWeight Loss Articles

  • Learn why most people fail at losing weight!
  • The secrets to permanent weight loss!
  • Menu Plans and Recipes!

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  • Audio and Video Workouts
  • Custom Workout Programs
  • Get in shape and stay in shape!

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About KiraAbout Kira

  • I’ve been in your shoes!
  • Hear my struggles with weight loss and self-esteem.
  • Learn how I stay motivated despite set backs!